Dph Georgia Conditional Employee Or Food Employee Reporting Agreement

6 Restriction and exclusion – The activities of food industry staff are limited to prevent the risk of transmission of a disease excluded by food – food staff are not allowed to work or enter a food company as an EMPLOYEE of the FDA 2013; Georgia Department of Public Health 2011 11 Specific Objective 2 Determine whether Environmental Health Specialists (ETS) in Georgia effectively assess compliance with staff health policy during routine inspections and identify factors that influence assessment practices. Assumption: The assessment of ETS compliance is problematic due to the dynamics of the food service inspection process and the barriers inherent in identifying infectious food professionals. 13 Global Methodology Analyzing 100% of Georgian Food Service Inspections Inspection Reports Inspection Reports conducted from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 Frequency that 2-1A and 2-2A were reported from data collection on EHS parameters, beliefs and practices specifically to measure compliance with food service health policy during routine food safety inspections. Collect data on executive beliefs and practices that are specific to employee health and the factors that influence the implementation of employee health policies. 7 Previous research is not: specific offences: precise measures of the safety of reliable predictive restaurants when a foodborne outbreak occurs in a particular plant in Cruz et al 2001; Hedberg et al 2006; Jones et al 2004; Newbold et al 2008 Specific offences: helping food service managers and operators assess general food safety practices and developing action plans for obtaining management control of recurring risk factors Petran 2012; Yeager 2013 Food disease estimates can be used to guide food safety policy and interventions 14 Inspection Reports Georgia Foodservice159 Counties 59,007 Inspections 100% of controls, state inspection data recorded and disseminated from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013, 132 counties in the national network dph.georgia.gov 25 INTERVENTION DPH Employee Health Red BookDigns the elements of a correct “Employee Health Policy” form #1 does it identify what constitutes a food disease What is “Big 6”? What are the symptoms? Form #2 Employee Reporting Agreement Food Service and Conditional Employees Reporting Agreement for Symptom Reporting and Diagnosis at Mgmt. Form #3 Management Decision Guide Flow Chart provides a simple clarification on when food service employees 20 EHS and Health EXCLUDE Policies policy exist; Report access to a written health policy or questions about teaching knowledge from a health policy of the ETS survey in Georgia that conducts food service inspections Ensure that the ETS effectively complies with health policy Staff health during routine inspections evaluate attitudes regarding employees specific practice health assessment for compliance with 2-1A and 2-2A personal and external factors (attitudes, beliefs, barriers) that may influence the practice of inspection 23 ETS Findings implement reliable measures to determine whether companies have implemented the health policy of ETS staff may not have the means to assess the proper application of restrictions and exclusion. It is difficult to determine whether food companies control this food security risk factor 9 Research question Are health policies of Georgian food establishment staff being implemented and is compliance with measures difficult to determine whether food companies control this food safety risk factor 9 Research question Are health policies applied by employees of Georgian food establishments and their compliance measured? General assumption: although health policy and related rules are theoretically sound, the effective application and evaluation of these policies is a challenge and, consequently,