Income Tax Preparation Service Agreement

RE-OPENING AND AMENDING THE TAX RETURN: In some cases, it becomes necessary or advisable to respond to a notification or change the tax return. In this case, I may be available on request for additional services. The terms of this service and the cost of this service are not covered by this contract. Please note that the cost of changing a tax return can be significant; sometimes exceed the cost of preparing the initial tax return. “I,” “I” and “we” used during this agreement refers to Tony Novak, my supervised employees, service providers and contractors. 6. Provide information so that you can submit local income taxes directly online or, if necessary, by mail, in the most efficient way possible. Unless otherwise stated, this commitment does not include the effective filing of a local income tax return. By signing below, you understand and accept that management is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the records, documents, statements and other information provided to us for the purposes of the tax services provided in accordance with the terms of this MSA and the work returns executed. You are also responsible for informing us of updates on the information provided, changes in circumstances or your wishes regarding the provision of services under this MSA. You have the last responsibility for the tax returns made by our company. Therefore, you should check them carefully before signing the electronic file authorization forms or before sending your tax returns directly to the appropriate tax authorities. You agree that our company is not responsible for the non-authorization of deductions or documents under-supported by a tax administration or for the taxes, penalties and interest that result.

Your responsibility includes, but is not limited to providing the necessary information to (1) identify all the states and countries in which you do “business” or income (directly or indirectly) and (2) the extent of activity in each state and/or country concerned. We will not verify or verify the data you have provided, although we may ask you to clarify it or provide us with additional data. You should keep all documents, books and records that form the basis of your income and deductions. Documents may be required to demonstrate the accuracy and completeness of tax returns to a tax office. If you have any questions about the nature of the documents required, ask us for advice on that. D) FEES AND PAYMENTFEE: The tax will be disclosed separately in an electronic invoice from me which, by reference, will be part of this Agreement. In the event that the work schedule is changed, the fee may be increased by agreement to include a surcharge during the precipitation periods that typically occur before reporting times. WE may, from time to time and depending on the circumstances and type of services we provide, share your confidential information with third parties, some of which may be cloud-based, but we remain bound to respect the confidentiality and security of your data. As a result, we implement internal policies, procedures and security measures to protect the privacy of your personal data. In addition, we will respect confidentiality conditions with all service providers to maintain the confidentiality of your data and we will take appropriate steps to determine whether they have appropriate procedures in place to prevent unauthorized disclosure of your confidential information to others. In the event that we are unable to guarantee appropriate confidentiality terms with a third-party provider, you will be asked to give your consent before disclosing your confidential information to the third party.