Npcap License Agreement

No no. While we strongly recommend maintenance for the reasons outlined in the last question, some of our customs decide to refuse even the first year of maintenance. Others choose 5-year prepaid options for a 20% discount. The separate designation of licensing and maintenance fees allows customers to make their own choice. While we hope to be able to offer an instant purchase and fully automatic software update process in the future, our current approach is based on emails. To purchase an OEM Nmap license for internal use, send a message to with the following information: We offer Npcap OEM as a permanent license for the current version, with the option to purchase maintenance (updates and support) for 1 year or more. Maintenance is optional, but is highly recommended, as the permanent license is extended to all new versions published during the maintenance period. And Npcap is in very active development. We`ve made 14 publications in 2019, with dozens of functional improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements described here.

Maintenance also includes commercial support when you need it. And the price of maintenance never goes up until you let it expire for more than 120 days. The license also includes priority with bug fixes and feature requests, as well as funding for further development and improvements in Npcap. Download the`s executable WinPcap file. For parts other than the Wireshark project, the npcap license can prevent distribution, it is the business of these parties and the npcap project. Licensees with active maintenance (support and updates) have special access to report errors or ask Npcap technical support questions. If you are licensed and do not have the support details, please email and we will send it to you. Our Npcap OEM Small/Startup Company Redistribution License offers a significant discount for small businesses. The permanent licence to use L`OEM Npcap in all company products costs $18,600, plus an annual maintenance fee of $5,700. Or you can get 5 years of maintenance for $22,800 (a 20% discount Pay in advance so you can be insured until 2025! The annual maturity license option (including maintenance) costs $9,950 per year.

To qualify for this licence, a company must have 50 or fewer employees and no more than $15 million in revenue in the previous fiscal year. Subsidiaries of large companies are only eligible for the small/startup license if the parent company is also qualified as such. Accept the license information, then click Next. You should receive a final screen on which WinPcap has been installed.