Polar Agreement Definition

Any taking of polar bears from the Alaskan Chukotka population that is inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement or the 1973 agreement is prohibited. 1.3 To avoid any doubt, Polar is considered third in the relationship between you and the exercise managers in your workout classes. Polar will only give you the opportunity to work together. All agreements, agreements or guarantees regarding the relationship, services or content of your training and the group training planned, if any, take place directly between you and the managers of the training. Polar assumes no responsibility for the services you provide to your customers. (b) determine the annual sustainable harvest level of the polar bear population, based on reliable scientific data, including traditional indigenous knowledge; (h) make recommendations on maintaining the captivity of orphaned and rehabilitated polar bears in captivity; REAFFIRMING the empowerment of Alaska Natives and Chukotkas to hunt polar bears to meet their traditional minimum living wages, and to manufacture and sell crafts and clothing, in accordance with the national laws of each contracting party; The parties are implementing national polar bear research programs, including species conservation and management. If necessary, they coordinate this research with research conducted by other parties, consult with other parties on the management of migratory polar bear populations, and exchange information on research and management programs, research results and data on bears in care. Each party takes appropriate measures to protect ecosystems, including polar bears, with a particular focus on habitat elements, such as protection zones, feeding and migration patterns, and manages polar bear populations on the basis of the best available scientific evidence, in accordance with good conservation practices. (f) review of scientific research programs, including joint programs, for the study, conservation and monitoring of polar bears, and the development of recommendations for the implementation of these programs and the establishment of criteria for the reporting and verification of polar bears; Each Party safely retains all documents and information received from the other party, regardless of the form of the material, including, but not limited to, information relating to all data, reports, interpretations, predictions, recordings, drawings, documentation, drawings, know-how, processes, designs, photographs, specifications, instructions, business, financial and other information, whether oral, written, mechanically or otherwise. A contracting party may not use this confidential information for any purpose other than those directly related to the purposes of this agreement, in the absence of a prior written agreement between the parties. Confidentiality obligations are valid for five (5) years from the effective date, but at least three (3) years after the disclosure of this information. Confidentiality obligations remain in effect even after the termination of the contract.

NOTE that illegal removal, loss or degradation of habitats, pollution and other human-caused threats could affect the viability of the Alaska-Chukotka polar bear population; (c) the use of aircraft, large motorized vessels and large motor vehicles for the consumption of polar bears is prohibited; And the Polar Bear Conservation Agreement is a multilateral treaty signed on November 15, 1973 in Oslo by the five nations with the largest polar bear populations: Canada, Denmark (Groenland), Norway (Svalbard), the United States and the Soviet Union. [1] This treaty was achieved through the increasing hunting of polar bears in the 1960s and 1970s, resulting in strong survival pressure from hunters on polar bears. REAFFIRMING that the United States and the Russian Federation have a common interest and responsibility in the conservation of the Alaska-Chukotka polar bear population; (c) scientific data and information on the Alaska-Chukotka polar bear population, including harvest information provided by natives.