Uni Passau Erasmus Learning Agreement

Monika HilbertPHIL, Room 467Innstrasse 250851/509-2951monika.hilbert@uni-passau.de Akademisches Auslandsamt – Stefanie Dallmeier:stefanie.dallmeier@uni-passau.de Studierendenssecretariat:studierendensekretariat@uni-passau.de/www.uni-passau.de/studierendensekretariat.html With intermediate rental to foreign students, few negative experiences have been made so far. Academic Office of the Foreigner – Alexandra Winterkorn:Alexandra.Winterkorn@uni-passau.dehttp “www.uni-passau.de/4941.html You will find more information in the exam regulations The study board:studienberatung@uni-passau.dehttp: www.uni-passau.de/studienberatung You must apply for a study position at a partner university through the Academic Office of abroad. University Office Abroad – Stefanie Dallmeier:stefanie.dallmeier@uni-passau.de Opportunities to finance a stay abroad range from the BAf-G abroad (perhaps as a non-beneficiary of BAf-G in Germany), through foundations to DAAD. For more information, click here. University Office Abroad – Stefanie Dallmeier:stefanie.dallmeier@uni-passau.de A systematic and widespread review of the evolution of language skills makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of Erasmus. The agreements reached between the universities/partner organizations in the Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) and the Learning Agreement (LA) on certain language levels should therefore not be supported/confused with an online test. These language skills must be guaranteed by other evidence when selecting participants. You can`t waste time, you can only use it differently. Time spent abroad is not just a good investment for your personal development.

It also increases your chances in professional life. According to a 2006 study by Johann Wolfgang Goethe University (Frankfurt a.M.), employers must acquire skills that you can acquire abroad. More than 65% of graduates (Bachelor) require experience abroad, or even 83% multilingualism. University Office Abroad – Stefanie Dallmeier:stefanie.dallmeier@uni-passau.de As soon as you have started your studies abroad, you should your learning agreement in the target country no later than five weeks arrived afterl and have it felt to a faculty representative. The International Office of the University of Passau will then sign the completed document. If there are any changes in the races taken, these must be entered into the learning agreement. The University Office of the Foreigner regularly offers information evenings on studies abroad. You will find the current events on the Internet at the first consultation address and at the secretariat of the Foreign Office in the administrative building, room 111.Foreign University Office – Secretariat:Isabella. Artweger@uni-passau.deNathalie.Vollstaedt@uni-passau.de For the University of Passau, complete the Erasmus learning agreement and have it signed. If you wish to have races from abroad credited to your account, the chairs will issue you with individual learning agreements for each course.