Usufruct Agreement Ph

Art. 585. Usufruit, regardless of the title of the usufruit, may be excused by the obligation to make a navetory or to ensure safety if it does not violate anyone. (493) Article 609. When the object of the usufruit is expropriated for public use, the owner is required either to replace it with another cause of the same value and similar conditions, or to pay the usufruit the legal interest on the amount of compensation for the duration of the usufruit. If the owner chooses the latter option, he owes the interest payment to the neighbour. (519) Article 598. Where the usufruit is made up of an entire estate and the owner has debts at the time of his statutes, the provisions of Articles 758 and 759 concerning donations apply both with regard to the maintenance of the usufruit and the obligation for the usufruit to pay those debts. The same rule applies when, at the time of the manufacture of the usufruit, the owner is required to make periodic payments, even if there is no known capital. (506) Art. 580. Usufruit may result in improvements to the property against any noiset damage.

(488) The bare owner generally has no right to sell the usufruit to another, after first selling it to usufruit, but if he does, the double-selling rules apply to section 568. If the usufruit has leased the land or rental buildings donated in the usufruit and the usufruit expires before the termination of the lease, he or his heirs and successors receive only the proportional share of the rent to be paid by the tenant. (473) Art. 582. The usufruit of a part of a joint-held case exercises all the rights of the owner with respect to the management and collection of fruit or interest. If the co-ownership is extinguished because of the division of the common thing, the usufruit of the part attributed to the co-owner belongs to the usufruit. (490) Article 600. The usufruit of a non-mortgaged interest is not obliged to pay the debt for the guarantee for which the mortgage was formed. If the property is tied up or sold in court for the payment of the debt, the owner is liable for the usufruit of all that the latter has to lose.

(509) 1. FRUITS PENDING AT THE BEGINNING OF USUFRUCTA. You are part of the usufruit. There is no need to reimburse the owner for the costs incurred. But without prejudice to the right of third party2. FRUITS PENDING AT THE TERMINATION OF USUFRUCTa. You belong to the owner. But the owner must reimburse the usufruit for ordinary growing costs and for seeds and similar expenses, from the fruit product. Nor should the rights of third parties be affected. If the naked owner has inherited a will or is preparing for another, the legate or currency must respect usufruit 1.

If Usufructuary has not given security, or if it is released or where only a caucion has been juratoria, the collection and investment can only take place with the agreement of the court or the naked owner2. If Usufructuary has given security, collection and investments can be made without the consent of the court or the nsked owner – right to enjoy the property of another, with the obligation to preserve its form and substance, unless the title that contains it or the law otherwise. Formula: utendi juice and fruendi juice equal to niefruct; juice available same nude property Neglect or misuse of the property will not erase the usufruit, but may expropriate the usufruit of this property at the request of the naked owner if it causes him serious injury.