What The Lady Carries Is Not An Agreement To Supply Explosive Crossword Clue

Have you tried cryptic crossword puzzles just to find it too enigmatic? Answer: DORMICE (i.e. “Rodents”). The solution is DORM (an abbreviated form of “dorm” found by a species in boarding schools) and ICE (found in a few “winter nights”). I think a horror is there to do the scan of clues, but something clever might miss me. [EDIT: The consensus would be that the “Rodents” solution would satisfy and, if written as a SLEEP ICE, it also satisfies “a horror in the boarding school of winter nights”. Thank you all! – LP] Answer: RELIEF MAP. I assume that this index contains a typo and should have read “which shows ups and downs”. While “Lots” may refer to parcels, it seems that this serves more for an administrative function than for a geographical function. Clue plays on how “the old guard can be removed” to relieve it, and how a plot can be a plan or a map. You`re the one with the idea.

But Astle said anyone could try cryptic crossword puzzles with a little knowledge of how they worked. Answer: MEOWED (i.e. “what the Persian did,” as in the cat breed). The solution is MOWED (i.e. “cut”) wrapped “round” E (i.e. “top [letter] of the ear”), as follows: M (E) OWED. Answer: HAIFA (i.e. “port” of Israel). The Setter left on his own, so watch out. Bradford HAIFA`s offer (if the setter is inclined to use a lazy solution to save it from an unpleasant place, then I`ll be just as lazy to solve it), and I can see that the solution is hidden in the first one or two letters of HAS ITS FANS, but I can`t see how the rest of the clue will take you there.

If someone swings with the lowdown on this one, then I`ll update the article. [EDIT: A great job of Steve in the comments of this nail. The solution is HAS ITS FANS with each letter after the removal of the alphabet, as stated by “I must be the last to be included among them”. While one part of me says to himself: “Try again too hard!”, another appreciates the setter who tries to bring a fresh pun into the mix. One way or another, hats off to Steve! – LP] Answer: WARRANTOR (i.e. “guarantee”). The solution is RANT (i.e. “intemperate speech”) followed by OR (i.e. “men,” especially the other ranks of the British army).

The whole thing is then placed after or “supporting” – it is a hint of down – WAR (i.e. conflict), as war-(RANT-OR). Answer: NOTICE (i.e. “spot”). If written like NOT ICE, the solution also responds to “what is found in warmer water.”